What is HTML?

HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
Standard markup language for creating Web pages and it describes the structure of a Web page.
In HTML, elements are very important and these elements are always start with tags, end with tags and between these tags your content part will come.
Example: <Start tag name>Content</end tag name>
Below are the explanation of the elements.

<!DOCTYPE html> declaration tag, this tag defines a document is an HTML5 document

<html> It is the root element of an HTML page

<head> meta information about the HTML page also storage area for (SEO keywords, stylesheets CSS, JavaScript etc..)

<title> title for the HTML page and display for browser tab.

<body> it displays all contents, like headings, paragraphs, tables, images etc. on your webpage.

<h1> this tag is for large heading

<h2> this tag is for sub heading

<h3> this tag is for small heading.

<p> this tag is for a paragraph

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