HTML Attributes

We learn about HTML elements and most of the elements have attributes, which provides extra information about elements.
All attributes are mention in two parts − a name and a value

for example : name=”value”

Name is the property of element like
image element <img> and for this element property name is src attribute. <img src>

Value is the value of element property to be write inside a quotations.

<img src = "">


The image element <img> contain the width and height attributes to specifies the width and height of the image.
For Example 

<img src="attributes.jpg" width="664" height="227">


Note: Make sure HTML file and image should be in same location.

Copy the below HTML code into Notepad:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> HTML Attribute</title>
<h4>Following is the example of image attribute.</h4>
<img src="attributes.jpg" width="664" height="227">

Final output will show following result:

Ample Designs - attribute image

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